Platform developments

The Bear Abouts platform has evolved! Mark has been developing the back-end in Unity3d, and we have been iterating on the design as more people have the chance to use it. With this iteration storytellers (on the residency) are able to animate pages to stories, and map them to the different sensors. Everything can be […]


Smart sensors

We’ve developed our sensors! We now have a full set of custom sensors that were cut with CNC tools -a step up from the previous version which were made by hand. They connect to our app and will be used to tell parts of the story in a physical way. See them in action:


A new kind of punchcard

Over the past few months I’ve been learning to use openFrameworks and I am *just* starting to like it because I hactaully made something do something. I’m playing around with having blob detection recognize very very small holes. Oh the joy. Look at those blobs. Oh, and playing with blob-detection whilst wearing a totes blobtacular […]