I’ve been working with Mark Wonnacott, who is a unity3d wizz, but also a brilliant game designer and maker. Mark is working on some changes to the Bear Abouts program. This week we have been testing different ways to get touch input to read from objects. First tests with conductive inks: This Bare Conductive tutorial […]


Bear Abouts V2

I found out in December that we have been successful in the 2nd phase of the Bear Abouts project (yay!). This means that I have received further funding from Innovate UK for the storytelling app project I have been working on for a year and a half now. I plan to work with a number […]


Into the Wild

Lots of development on the book app and it also has a name: Bear Abouts! I tested the latest version with participants at Somerset House during the Into the Wild weekend. The app also has a wonderful soundtrack made with a combo of digital sounds and papery noises, which I will share at a later […]


Now Play This

I tested the latest version of the book at Now Play This festival at Somerset House. The book (because of it’s unusually papery interface) was part of the strange controller showcase. It was quite amazing that the device worked, and lasted a day of play with the public, and it was also fun to play […]


Cutting the strings (or re-arranging them a bit)

I say cutting string because there is a string that connects the page through this book by the wonderful Willaim Wondriska I’m looking into how those strings (pages) are deconstructed and reconstructed in books. Dan Collier’s non-hypertext book is full of strings. And, well, ahhem. Hatually, they are just arranged in a non-linear relational way, […]



Other things that invite you into the fabric of the book: flipping! Flipology is the science of flips in books. No, I didn’t make up this term. There is a resident flipologist on the streets of San Francisco who performs flipological acts as an art, I have borrowed the term from him. A flipological text […]


A new kind of punchcard

Over the past few months I’ve been learning to use openFrameworks and I am *just* starting to like it because I hactaully made something do something. I’m playing around with having blob detection recognize very very small holes. Oh the joy. Look at those blobs. Oh, and playing with blob-detection whilst wearing a totes blobtacular […]


Picture-frames, adventure-maps and postcards

Using cultural prompts (a research method I learned here), I made a set of activities which I sent out families. The activity prompts the participant to do something, and contain blank copies of the following: a map, a postcard, and a picture frame. The aim was to gain some perspective on the way in which […]


Testing connections

I have been developing the way in which paper pages connect to the digital. There are various options and I explored each to see which was worked the best. Magnetism I used this code snippet in openFrameworks. Magnets are really fun, however they are pretty unreliable and hard to control (it is difficult to place […]