Story blocks

I spent a few days working with a writer to explore and research some methods in storytelling. The aim was to develop narrative for the phonebook. In the end we made many -components- of stories, but not actually any stories. I also looked into some writers experimenting with narrative from such as Eric Zimmerman and […]


Story strings

I’ve been reading lots of children’s picture books as “research” for the phonebook project. I’m particularity drawn to this wonderful picture book by William Wondriska. It has no words but makes many connections. This looks a little bit like a diagram that our tutor Jenny drew illustrating the learning process.



Such great news: my work has been selected to be part of a residency-professional-development-seed-funding programme called MV Works, which has been created by Makerversity and is funded by Arts Council England and Innovate UK through their Arts and Technology Pilot Programme. This means that I am now a member of one of the coolest spaces […]


Ideo Residency

All the way back in April I made this rather fun “concept” film about how blooming wonderful our hands are, and the absence of this wonder when using a phone. The film was part of an application for the Ideo Fortnight residency. And low and behold the lovely folk of Ideo liked my ideas, and […]