The second creative lab was an opportunity to get together in person and discuss ideas at the mid-point in the residency. The session was geared around reflection and sharing.

We started the day with an activity to think more deeply about the interaction that the artists are making through how they preposition their stories. We invited artists to select two of the elements they are working with (i.e. objects, stories, sound, touch, participation) and use different prepositions (such as from, through, towards, over) to connect them, drawing and writing in response. We then spent some time reflected on this as a group.

There was some time for each artist to share what they were working on, and discuss their ideas with the rest of the group. This lead into an exchange of ideas, and a lot of playing with peoples stories! There were some issues with the platform, some of which Mark fixed on the day, and some which will take longer to fix.

Finally, we shared a small library of inspiring books and stories, which was food for thought, and a fun way to end the day.

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