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Bugs Unplugged

We led a making session at the Watershed as part of the Bugs on Film programme. It was an opportunity to test the making elements of the platform. Up until now, we have been testing how the sensors are used with sensors made by designers and artists. This was the first time we had invited […]


Story making at Filton Avenue

We went back to Filton Avenue Primary school to test out the stories that artists have made. We spent the day at the school with groups of children, and had informal discussions with the groups during and after they were engaged with the stories. Emma had developed a large scale map, that was the basis […]


Creative Lab II

The second creative lab was an opportunity to get together in person and discuss ideas at the mid-point in the residency. The session was geared around reflection and sharing. We started the day with an activity to think more deeply about the interaction that the artists are making through how they preposition their stories. We […]


Creative Lab I

As part of our storytelling residency we are hosting two creative labs. These are facilitated creative sessions where the artists and technologists can discuss and explore ideas. We realized that there were many things to learn about this technology such as the user-interface, the modes of interaction. We also wanted to create a space where […]


Platform developments

The Bear Abouts platform has evolved! Mark has been developing the back-end in Unity3d, and we have been iterating on the design as more people have the chance to use it. With this iteration storytellers (on the residency) are able to animate pages to stories, and map them to the different sensors. Everything can be […]


Residency and Creative kits

We are exploring what kinds of stories can be made with our platform. And to do so we have invited a number of artists with different approaches to storytelling to use the platform to make a story. We are going to be working with three artists who make stories in their practice, and who have […]


Smart sensors

We’ve developed our sensors! We now have a full set of custom sensors that were cut with CNC tools -a step up from the previous version which were made by hand. They connect to our app and will be used to tell parts of the story in a physical way. See them in action:


World book day at Filton Avenue

This week I ran a workshop at Filton Avenue Primary School to test the new version of Bear Abouts. I’ve been working with creative producer Sarah Warden to plan and deliver the testing workshops. Through the workshop we were both testing the new technology we have developed, and also trying to find how kids use […]


Sensing pages

We have got to some kind of break through in developing the sensors for Bear Abouts -the system recognizes pages and (although basic) it is very very cool. I’ve been working closely with Mark, and (mostly through thier brilliant programming skills) we have developed an algo that detects and translates touch patterns into animations. There’s […]



I’ve been working with Mark Wonnacott, who is a unity3d wizz, but also a brilliant game designer and maker. Mark is working on some changes to the Bear Abouts program. This week we have been testing different ways to get touch input to read from objects. First tests with conductive inks: This Bare Conductive tutorial […]


Bear Abouts V2

I found out in December that we have been successful in the 2nd phase of the Bear Abouts project (yay!). This means that I have received further funding from Innovate UK for the storytelling app project I have been working on for a year and a half now. I plan to work with a number […]